Our Lifelong Dance with Food

Fall signals the return of crisp, cool mornings, harvesting of crops and meals around the table laden with food we often call “comfort” foods. Why do they bring us comfort? They are heavier, “stick to your bone,” foods traditionally served to keep us warm during cold winter months.

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Discovering Balance Through Order

Hi! This is Reen and I’m writing this week’s blog because Linda is preparing to teach a Bible study tomorrow. I laughed when she asked me to write this week’s blog on order, part of a balanced life. When we first were married, I was the most unorganized person. Ask me to find an important document or product manual and I would shrug my shoulders and say, “Not quite sure where that is…give me some time.” And after quite a bit of time elapsed, guess what—couldn’t find it.

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3 Questions for Finding Your Rhythm

October has arrived! I love October…always have…always will. It may be because it’s my birth month, but I think more importantly I love when the weather itself announces a new season. I can think of little I enjoy more than awakening to a crisp, cool morning. I go out on my back porch, listen to the birds, open my Bible and talk with God…the perfect start to a new day.

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An Audience with the King?

Reen discovered this story in a cherished vintage devotional book. I was intrigued. When last did YOU have an audience with the King?

The writer explains that he was going to America with a steamship captain who was a very devoted Christian. The Captain told this story as they sailed off the coast of Newfoundland. “The last time I sailed here, which was five weeks ago, something happened that revolutionized my entire Christian life. I had been on the bridge for twenty-four straight hours when a passenger on board, George Mueller of Bristol, England, came to me. He said, ‘Captain, I need to tell you that I must be in Quebec on Saturday afternoon.’

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Shrouded in Mystery

The rain-drenched newscaster pulls down the hood of his navy “slicker” (as they say in New England) in a feeble attempt to fight the wind. Frantically flailing palm fronds whip back and forth against the pelting storm. Crashing waves driven by the wind’s power, batter everything in its wake. Regardless of anything else taking place last week, we were drawn to the weather channel’s report on the progressing onslaught of Hurricane Dorian.

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What Limiting Belief Hold You Back?

“I can’t do that. It’s just too much work…will take too long…takes too much energy…is too complicated.” When did you stop trying to do new and interesting things? Are these some of the excuses you’ve developed to fortify your limiting beliefs? If you want to live “Your Refreshed Life” to the fullest, you and I both have to begin challenging these ideas.

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Are ‘Limiting Beliefs’ Robbing You?

Limiting beliefs. Everyone has them. What are your limiting beliefs? Do they look like any of these?

  • I can’t take this new position because I’m not qualified.

  • I can’t make friends because I don’t have time.

  • I can’t lose weight because I’m too old or too stressed.

  • I can’t succeed in reaching this goal because…

How do these limiting beliefs rob your life of refreshment and fulfillment?

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Beat the Summer Doldrums - Two Questions

My neighbor, Kathy, stopped by to “catch up”. She bemoaned the summer heat, the remainder of August, and the lethargy she felt. “I just don’t feel like doing anything,” she said. “Nothing excites me… I find myself sitting in front of the TV completely bored. I sure wish summer was over.”

Do you have similar feelings today? The heat has finally gotten to you. Vacation is past. There’s nothing to look forward to until fall.

How can YOU beat the summer doldrums and live “Your Refreshed Life”?

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Top 20 Tips for "Your Refreshed Marriage" #16-20

Tom confessed to his wife, “Honey, I’ll be honest. I’ve really been scared lately.”

Emily looked up surprised at her husband’s admission. “Really?” she said. “What are you scared about?”

“The company is being bought out,” Tom shared. “They’re threatening a lot of layoffs.  I’m not sure I won’t be one of them.”

Emily’s face softened. “Tell me more. Let’s talk about it.”

If you missed “Top 20 Tips to Your Refreshed Life” #1-15 check them out at www.yourrefreshedlife.com. Here are #16-20:

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Top 20 Tips for "Your Refreshed Marriage" #11-15

It was March and Jim was already dreading the next few weeks. Tax season was bearing down hard this year. Clients were calling constantly about the tax code changes and his schedule seemed almost unbearable. This was always a tough time for an Accountant.

He noticed his wife, Carol, grew more and more withdrawn. His routine was work from 7 am until 7 or 8 pm, quickly consume Karen’s carefully prepared meal, and then slump on the couch in front of the television until he laid his head on the pillow, instantly asleep.

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Top 20 Tips for “Your Refreshed Marriage” #6-10

Successful relationships take time, nurture, and intentional care. Marriage is no exception and possibly the most difficult because it requires 24/7 attention. But there is nothing more rewarding on this earth than a marriage partnership shared with God. A wise man once wrote, “And though one can overpower him who is alone, two can resist him. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”  God represents the third strand and when He is present miracles can happen!

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Are You Friends with GOD?

Climbing up the dune pathway to the parking lot, I reflected on the company I just enjoyed with 15 women gathered in a circle of beach chairs in the sand. “Who would have imagined ‘Bible Study at the Beach’ could be so much fun?,” I mentioned to the friend climbing the dune beside me. Sun shining overhead, ocean whispering in the background, laughter and reflections shared…how absolutely refreshing!

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Four Steps to Discover Rest

We’ve been talking about rest this month.  Yesterday a friend called to ask me how I find time to rest, knowing my many and varied responsibilities. I told her I never find the time; I have to make the time. And that’s the truth. We all can make the time but there’s a process.

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