Renew, Re-Energize, Reignite - Live Refreshed. Share YOUR Refreshed Life Today!


‘He (or she) who refreshes others will themselves be refreshed.”
(Proverbs 25:13)

Live Refreshed. Share YOUR Refreshed Life Today!



We just finished recording our 200th podcast for Your Refreshed Life!

Listen to podcast live Monday through Friday 8:15a.

Your Refreshed Life

YourRefreshedLife is a radio program designed to help men and women discover and RENEW, RE-ENERGIZE, and REIGNITE all areas of their life. This enables them to experience the true abundant, refreshed life promised by God.

This 2-minute daily internet radio program, aired on, offers insightful interactive content from Linda and Reen Waterman to entertain and inspire listeners. Partnered with Trans World Radio, their program reaches a global audience from six of the seven continents currently incorporating 90 countries including USA, Canada, Central and South America, Jamaica, multiple locations across the Caribbean, the Mideast, Europe, Russia, expansive locations in Africa and many more. New York City is their #1 highest-density listening area in America.

Available on additional select radio stations, “Your Refreshed Life” leaves listeners with one key thought to consider throughout their day. The "Your Refreshed life" podcasts can be heard daily on iTunes, Spotify, and Podbean.

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